Project Update 2018

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Project Update 2018

It has been a while since we’ve updated on the AT-10 project. It is such a unique warbird that, upon completion, it will be the only flying example of the type in the world.

Last time I wrote about the type’s history and showed how the project arrived at AirCorps Aviation.  At the time of that report, restoration work was in a very early stage.

As is true of most restorations, early work consists mainly of parts fabrication and preparation to begin the actual assembly.  Despite many hours of parts production, until that phase ends, there isn’t a great deal of visually clear progress.

Parts fabrication will continue, but now there are enough done to begin some assembly work.  That generated the visual progress for this update.

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This is a BIG project ... and we need your support to make it happen!

It's a lofty goal: To completely restore a Beechcraft AT-10 that is currently in dozens of boxes into a fully safe and flyable aircraft. With more than 50,000 parts, and a 5-year restoration plan, we're hoping to raise $500,000. Be a part of this fun and unique restoration and follow us as we progress week in and week out.

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