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    Missouri Congressman Sam Graves Supports AT-10 Restoration

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    New Website Launched to Support the AT-10 Restoration Project

    A new website was recently launched to help support the restoration of a Beechcraft AT-10 aircraft, according to Erik Hokuf of AirCorps Aviation. The website was created to educate the public about the historical significance of the aircraft and keep aviation enthusiasts updated on the progress of the restoration. In addition, the website is a central place where donations can be accepted.

    "We're very excited about the new site," said ....

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    AirCorps Aviation Takes On AT-10 Wichita Aircraft Restoration Project

    AirCorps Aviation recently announced it has taken on a new project: The complete restoration of a Beechcraft AT-10 aircraft that was used in flight training during WWII.

    According to Erik Hokuf of AirCorps Aviation, the team is excited to participate in this historic event.

    "This will be the only flyable AT-10 in the entire world once completed," said Hokuf. "The .....

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Beechcraft AT-10 Restoration Updates

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    Fall Update 2018

    Work continues on the forward cockpit section. The floor wood has been cut and fitted, much of the skin has been cut and drilled, and the rudder pedals have been assembled. In October, we had visitors with a family connection to the Beech factory.  Read More...

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    Summer Update 2018

    The cockpit section of the AT-10 continues to be the focus of restoration efforts. The frame members have been assembled and some side skin sections cut, fitted, and riveted on permanently. Meanwhile, work progresses on parts and some of the smaller assemblies.  Read More...

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    Project Update 2018

    It has been a while since we’ve updated on the AT-10 project. It is such a unique warbird that, upon completion, it will be the only flying example of the type in the world.Last time I wrote about the type’s history and showed how the project arrived at AirCorps Aviation...  Read More...

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    AT-10 Timeline & Update 2017

    The Beech Model 25 project was designed to provide the Army Air Force with a small, twin engine trainer suitable for developing pilot skills in retractable landing gear twins.  It was to be produced with primarily wood construction because there was fear that aluminum suitable for airframes...  Read More...

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    Space Dedicated to AT-10 Restoration

    As simple as it sounds, a dedicated space is necessary for a restoration project of this magnitude. While we've been storing parts and such already, we now have the work space to start assemblage.Where to begin?  Read More...

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    Where It All Starts: The AT-10 Restoration Begins

    It's almost inconceivable: Taking scraps and parts and a lot of what many us of would call junk and starting a complete restoration of a fully functional Beechcraft AT-10 aircraft that was used as a flight-training vessel during World War II.   Read More...

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This Project Needs YOUR Support

This is a BIG project ... and we need your support to make it happen!

It's a lofty goal: To completely restore a Beechcraft AT-10 that is currently in dozens of boxes into a fully safe and flyable aircraft. With more than 50,000 parts, and a 5-year restoration plan, we're hoping to raise $500,000. Be a part of this fun and unique restoration and follow us as we progress week in and week out.

No amount is too big or too small. Please consider a donation today!